Transfer and payment terms and conditions

DeeC is for members (private persons, corporations and merchants) of Christian Churches worldwide only. I/We - as member(s) - do hereby agree to these terms and conditions.

I/We do hereby acknowledge and agree that the requested instructions shall be executed at our own risk and expense. It is also understood that DeeC its Branches, Correspondents, or Agents are not liable for any loss, delay, error, omission, or mutilation arising while transmitting instructions or communications by cable, telegram or electronics systems.

I/We do understand that all transfers will be effected in the currency of the country in which payment is to be made unless payee makes arrangements with the correspondent for payment in some other currency.

I/We do acknowledge and agree that DeeC shall not be liable in case the funds are blocked owing to embargo, economic situations, or for any other reason beyond the control of the DeeC, and that I/We shall have no claim whatsoever against DeeC and/or its agents and/or correspondents by reason thereof.

It is understood that beneficiary may not obtain the full value due to exchange rate, or other restrictions, fees or / and charges applicable in the country of payment; or to the paying DeeC or of the correspondent DeeC.

I/We do understand and agree that for transactions that require a cross currency conversion, DeeC will convert to the currency of the payment at the rate of exchange prevailing for purchasing and selling the relevant currency at the time of processing the transactions, and that I/We shall have no claim whatsoever against DeeC and/or its agents and/or correspondents by reason thereof.

Telegraphic transfers will be effected with SPOT value (two business days after the date of receipt request by DeeC). Applications for the same day value are subject to the time when the application is received as well as cut-off times relating to the geographical location of the payment destination.

The member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DeeC against any loss, cost, damage, expense liability or proceedings which the member may incur or suffer as a result of the DeeC acting, delaying to act or refraining from acting upon the said instructions.

If demand draft is lost, stolen or destroyed, the member will indemnify and hold harmless DeeC from any liability with respect to the lost, stolen or destroyed draft even if DeeC agrees to issue a replacement draft or refund the amount of the draft.

I/We understand and give full freedom to DeeC to select the channel for payment, including the method of payment and correspondent DeeC(s). The DeeC shall not incur any liability whatsoever by reason of such selection.

DeeC reserves the right to revise all remittance charges from time to time without prior notice.

The beneficiary’s DeeC BIC code/Sort Code/Fedwire ID/Chips UID for any such code mentioned by the remitter will be considered as correct and remittance will be effected accordingly, assuming correctness of the given codes.

Payment of transferred funds is subject to the rules and regulations of the country where the payment is to be made. DeeC, its correspondents and agents shall not be held liable for any loss or delay in payment caused by any act or order of a Government or Government agency or by any event beyond their reasonable control or by Force Majeure.

It is understood that remittance is to be effected at the sole risk of the member and that DeeC shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by circumstances over which it has no control nor for the solvency of correspondent agents employed.

Complete Beneficiary Address details (including street, City & Country) are mandatory on all SWIFT transfer and Demand Draft applications submitted to DeeC in order to process the transaction without delay. The DeeC shall not be liable for any delay in transmission in case the required information is not provided.

The DeeC may decline to make a payment it believes might involve a breach by any person of a law or regulation of any country. A payment may be delayed or declined because a person involved in the payment or an authority requires information or clarification as to compliance with the law or regulations, or declines to process it. The DeeC will share information as to your remittance as necessary.

The DeeC will use reasonable endeavors to process applications received by the DeeC before the specified cut-off time notified by the receiving branches or centers from time to time.

Applications received after such cut-off time will be processed on the next working day. For this purpose all DeeC holidays are non-working days. In the case of payment date falling on a DeeC holiday, the DeeC will make the payment on the next working day.

If the application on hold for any reason, I/We do acknowledge and agree that it is my/our responsibility to provide the purpose of all remittances is my/our responsibility, therefore. I/We shall have no claim what so ever against DeeC and/or its agents, and/or correspondents.

Agreement and Authorization

By submitting a membership application or using the DeeC gold transaction platform I agree that I am a member of DeeC and that:

  • a) I/We have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them;
  • b) I/We warrant and confirm that all particulars I/We have provided to DeeC in connection with this application are true and correct;
  • c) I/We authorize DeeC to debit my/our account nominated in the Payment Form or Charges Form sections in this document, with the total payment, commission (if any), other fees costs and duties specified in these conditions; and
  • d) I/We may be required to answer additional written questions under some circumstances before the remittance request will be processed by the DeeC.

A charge per payment instruction will be levied for payment enquiries received where the DeeC is not at fault, e.g. foreign exchange rates between gold and currencies, losses due to cancellation, refunds, insufficient account balance, amendments, duplicate advices, fate of funds, copies of cleared payments etc.

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